Sweets and Cookies


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1: Pick your flavor

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3: Pick your nicotine content

4: Pick your VG/PG Ratio ( if you are unsure select 70/30

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30 ml, 60 ml


0 MG, 12 mg, 3mg, 6mg, CBD, Nic Salts 25mg, Nic Salts 50mg

VG/PG Ratio

50/50, 70/30, 80/20

Sweets and Cookies

27 Bears Flavor, 27 Fish Flavor, Australian Chocolate Flavor, Blueberry candy Flavor, Blueberry cotton candy Flavor, Bubble-gum Flavor, Bubble-Gum Wicks Flavor, Butterscotch Flavor, Candy Apple Flavor, Candy Cane Flavor, Caramel Candy Flavor, Caramel Flavor, Caramel Popcorn Flavor, Chocolate almond candy bar Flavor, Chocolate fudge brownie Flavor, CHOCOLATE MINT, Chocolate wafer Flavor, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Flavor, CONDENSED MILK FLAVOR, COOKIES & CREAM FLAVOR, Cotton Candy Flavor, Crunchy Frosted Cookie Flavor, DOUBLE CHOCOLATE, Double dark Chocolate Flavor, Fruit Bubblegum Flavor, Fruit Circles Flavor, Fruit Mix Candy Flavor, Fruit stick gum Flavor, Ginger Biscuit Flavor, Grape Candy Flavor, Gummy Bear Flavor, Gummy Candy Flavor, Hard Candy Flavor, Hazelnut Flavor, Jammy Candy Flavor, Jawbreaker Flavor, Jelly Candy Flavor, Labyrinth Flavor, Lemon Cream Cookie Flavor, liquorice Flavor, Maple Flavor, MARSHMALLOW CHOCOLATE, Marshmallow Flavor, Mint Candy Flavor, Musk candy Flavor, Musk Flavor, Nutella Flavor, Pazza Joker Flavor, Pear Candy Flavor, Pink Candy Flavor, Rainbow candy Flavor, Rainbow Drops Flavor, Red Licorice Flavor, Ruby Chocolate Flavor, Salted Caramel Flavor, Shortbread Flavor, Sour Grape Candy Flavor, Sour Gummy Flavor, Strawberry Candy Flavor, Sugar Cookie Flavor, Swedish Fish Flavor, Swedish Gummy Flavor, Tennis Biscuit Flavor, Toasted Marshmallow Flavor, Torrone Flavor, Turkish Delight Flavor, Unicorn Vomit Flavor, Vanilla Toffee Flavor, Vanilla Waffer Flavor, Watermelon Candy Flavor, Whipped Marshmallow Flavor, White Chocolate Flavor


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